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The Prince George’s County Education and Community Partners (PGCECP) CBSB/CBB/MBE subcontracting plan is organized into two elements, design-build and services, and reflects our ‘top down’ leadership approach. Both Gilbane and Stantec have already selected Prince George’s County firms to be part of the Design-Build team.

To that end, Stantec has created a Mentor-Protégé relationship and have partnered with K. Dixon Architecture and Arel Architects (both certified County-based CBSB/MBE firms) to be part of their design team.

Gilbane has created a Mentor-Protégé relationship and have partnered with Warren Brothers Construction and Corenic Construction Group (both certified County-based CBSB/MBE firms) who will support construction operations and provide on-site field staff during the design-build phase.

Additionally, Gilbane will also have a comprehensive need for a wide variety of subcontractors and suppliers for each school (sitework, concrete, masonry, steel, roofing, drywall, flooring, paving, painting, landscaping, etc.), and will make substantial contractual commitments to County CBSB/CBB/MBE firms in these disciplines when bid documents are completed in 2021.

Although Honeywell’s services contract will not commence until the Summer of 2023, they will begin capacity analysis of CBSB/CBB/MBE firms in the design-build phase to identify service contractors, technicians and suppliers. Their CBSB/CBB/MBE contracting efforts will focus on the following fields: structural engineering, landscape design, mechanical/plumbing, generator, electrical, pest control, elevators, fire alarm, masonry and paving.