Our Team


Our Development Team consists of Fengate Capital Management Ltd.(Financing Member), Gilbane Development Company, Inc.(Financing Member), Gilbane Building Company (Lead Design-Builder), Stantec (Architect & Design Lead), and Honeywell (Lead Services Provider). 



Arel Architects (certified County-based CBSB/MBE firm) will be part of the design team and have a mentor protégé relationship with Stantec. Warren Builds Construction and Corenic Construction Group (both certified County-based CBSB/MBE firms) will be part of the construction team and have a mentor protégé relationship with Gilbane.


Three|E Consulting Group (CBSB) serves as the economic inclusion and compliance team.


Gilbane Development Company, Inc

Financing Member

Fengate Capital Management Ltd.

Financing Member

Yvette Stevens


Economic Inclusion & Community Engagement Director

Eben Smith

Three | E Consulting Group, County-Based CBSB Firm

Economic Inclusion Compliance Team

Gilbane Building Company

Lead Design-Builder

Corenic Construction Group

County-based CBSB/MBE firms

Warren Builds Construction

County-based CBSB/MBE firms


Architect & Design Lead

Arel Architects

County-based CBSB/MBE firms


Lead Services Provider