Steering Committee

Per the Memorandum of Understanding entered into by the County, PGCPS and the Council, it was agreed to establish a steering committee (consisting of the CEO, County Executive and Council Chair) that would provide oversight of the P3 program (i.e. Blueprint Schools Program). The committee will meet quarterly to receive an update on the status of the Blueprint Schools from PGCPS’ Public-Private Partnerships (P3) Office. The P3 office will also develop and distribute a quarterly and annual report for the committee that will be publicly available. Finally, this committee is the only body that has the ability to modify the terms of the contract.


Committee Members

Prince George’s County Council Chair, Calvin S. Hawkins (Committee Chair)

Prince George’s County Executive, Angela Alsobrooks

Prince George’s County Public Schools CEO, Dr. Monica Goldson


APRIL 7, 2021  |  6–7PM

Meeting on Zoom 

Public Comment | Quarterly Report Recording | Minutes

july 14, 2021  |  6–7PM

Meeting canceled

Public Comment | Quarterly ReportQuarterly Report (Spanish) | Quarterly Report (French) | Recording | Minutes

October 13, 2021  |  6–7PM

Meeting on Zoom 

Public Comment | Quarterly Report | Quarterly Report (Spanish) | Quarterly Report (French)Recording | Minutes